Chouja-Yashiki is an accommodation facility that looks like traditional Japanese building. Located on the hillside of Mt.Akagiyama,
northwest of Kumano Taisha Shrine. In neighboring mountain you’ll enjoy many outdoor activities: walkabout, fishing, and
gathering wild plants and mushrooms.
On our property, you’ll feel this calm atmosphere and tranquil environment with cabin-style rest house, and enjoy fishing on
our all-weather fishing hole “Shoryu-ko”.
And we also have indoor-type fishing hole that you can enjoy fishing Herabuna (Japanese crucian carp) warm inside even in
As a group or a family, we welcome you to enjoy fishing through the year!



Let’s enjoy actual fishing with a light heart in Chouja-Yashiki!
Everyone from beginners to seniors can enjoy fishing in our various fishing holes.
In our weather-impervious fish hole you need not worrying about the weather.
And we also offer “Private river” that you can play fishing even in your guestroom!


Relaxing in the guestroom is one of the richest pleasure of a trip.
We have various range of guestrooms to suit for your purpose.
Guest will look out the largest fish hole in Tohoku region from guestroom.
In the room along a private river, you can enjoy fishing while sitting in the comfort of your room. We also offer you the room with terrace where you can enjoy BBQ with your family or


Feast on the nice local cuisine in Chouja-Yashiki restaurant!
Chouja-Yashiki is located in Yamagata, a region of rich mountain soil and sea that produce plenty of seasonal ingredients.
We offer various type of dishes from Kaiseki cuisine(Japanese traditional meal course)with those ingredients to the course in plenty of Soba
(buckwheat noodle, the famous Yamagata delicacy).
In a banquet room we also offer light meals: Ramen and Oyakodon(a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs. Japanese famous light meal).


You can stay with your dogs in our accommodation.
In Chouja-Yashiki we have dog park and trolling course good for you dogs.
We also have a fishing hole inside of dog park so you can enjoy amazing time with your dog all the day.
(Notice: When you use those facilities with your dogs, please present documentary proof of rabies shot and vaccination.)


After playing a lot, how about going in a hot spring?
Our affiliated Japanese inn “Yamatoya” is proud to amazing hot springs! Our guests can also enjoy Yamatoya’s hot springs at no charge.
Yamatoya is a historic Japanese inn that is located in Akayu-Onsen region, famous hot spring resort in Yamagata. Hot water has nice and soft skin texture and refresh your body.

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4402-17 Nanyoushi Miyauchi, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan 992-0472
TEL: +81-0238-45-2301 / FAX: +81-0238-43-3376